Gatorz Eyewear HawaiiHawaii Surf & Sail: Your source for Gatorz in the North Shore

We are proud to announce that the North Shore’s authority on everything surf, Hawaii Surf & Sail, is now an authorized Gatorz retailer.  So the next time you head up north, be sure to stop by and check out their huge selection of Gatorz Eyewear.

Hawaii Surf & Sail
66-160 Kamehameha Hwy
Haleiwa, HI 96712
(808) 637-2663

Gatorz Eyewear Hawaii’s Moona Whyte checking out the selection.

Gatorz Eyewear HawaiiLil Wayne’s Red I AMs

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When we heard Lil Wayne was coming to town, some of us here at Gatorz dug into our personal piggy banks to buy tickets to his show (I am now broke by the way, but the show and after party was well worth it!). After talking to some of our friends at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego about the show, we heard through the grapevine that Weezy was staying there. So we just HAD to find a way to get Weezy some of our shades.

We realized Lil Wayne is a one-of-a-kind rapper, so we created a one-of-a-kind frame just for him: Custom-made “I AM” sunglasses–handcrafted red frames with silver-mirrored polarized lenses. Not only that, but we even put his favorite number (27) on the inside of the frames….let me tell ya, you WON’T find these frames anywhere else. As I type this, Lil Wayne is the ONLY person to be in possession of these bad boys.

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Gatorz Eyewear HawaiiRe-Launching…A Re-Brand: The Story of a Vizion

Gatorz is no stranger to the optics game. With over 20 years of quality sunglasses, an array of styles and a newfound “vizion,” we have tweaked the brand into contention. This challenging economic environment has companies scattering for support beyond their means including athletes, stars and media marketing. Gatorz, on the other hand, looked to something much more valuable; the participation and support of a community. Gatorz has rebranded its products’ look and feel with 100% core community support, thus enhancing the value. In a time where many of us have to restructure our lifestyles to get joy out of the simple things, Gatorz has taken things back to basics and what we feel matters most; quality products that look and feel good. Inspiration from friends, family and people like you make this possible.